Get 3% off Borders coupon on DVD for ‘Up’ by Walt Disney that Will Make You Laugh, Cry and Think

Have you enjoyed ‘Up’ by Walt Disney? How do you feel about it? This amazing cartoon features an engaging and fun adventure and underlying sweet story about loss and love. For some, including me, ‘Up’ left them laughing hard, having tears in their eyes without knowing.

It will make you positively think about love mainly between the fated spouse who love each other unconditionally and even the death never never can separate them; about an old man and a just-so-adorable kid; about the young, brave kid that melt the icy heart of the corny, lonely old man with his utter innocence and sincerity. That way, you will be satisfied to learn that there is always something called fate. It’s the fate that connects the two strangers together to help the other heal the pain that he thought to last throughout his life. It’s fated that the shy boy met and fell for the bubbly girl with big eyes and bright smiles shining his life!

Also, enjoying ‘Up’, you will learn to be positive and sincere. Just live your life fully, cry when you need but then smile like sunshine because there’re lots of beautiful things ahead you won’t know if you yourself block your heart door and let no one enter. And there are also many meaningful lessons that you can draw and feelings left after you’re done watching it.

Written below is an overview of ‘Up’ for those who have not watched it yet and those who are interested in. Also, its DVD discount information has been updated to the end of this post. Then don’t miss it.

‘Up’ by Walt Disney Overview

'Up' by Walt Disney DVD 

‘Up’ by Walt Disney DVD

‘Up’ by Walt Disney will engage you with the computer-animated adventure between an old man and brave kid, their relationship also. It’s scripted by Pixar veteran Bob Peterson and co directed by Peterson and Peter Docter – Monsters, Inc. director.

Carl Fredricksen is a 78-year-old balloon salesman. Throughout his life, Carl has yearned for wandering the wilds of South America. Then, one day, this hot-headed senior citizen tied  thousands of balloons to his home and eventually taking flight much to his neighbor’s shock. But what is interesting and surprising is that Carl isn’t alone on his once-in-a-lifetime journey, as stowed away on his front porch is an excitable eight-year-old wilderness explorer named Russell (I just cannot get enough of this kid. He is so awesome). Later, as the house touches down on the world’s second largest continent, Carl and his unwelcomed traveling companion step outside to figure that not only is their new front lawn significantly larger, but that the predators therein are far more brutal than anything they ever faced back home.

About Director

Peter Hans “Pete” is an American film director, animator, screenwriter, producer and voice actor from Bloomington, Minnesota. He is best known as the director of films Monsters, Inc. (2001) and Up (2009) and as a key figure and collaborator in Pixar Animation Studios. The A. V. Club has admirably called him “almost universally successful”. He has been nominated for six Oscars (one win so far for Up — Best Animated Feature), three Annie Awards (winning two), a BAFTA Children’s Film Award(won), and a Hochi Film Award (won). He has described himself as a boring kid from Minnesota who loves to draw cartoons.

His most current film is Inside Out. It is animated feature film, set to be released on June 19, 2015, and described as the creative new film that travels through a world that everyone knows but nobody has seen. It’s inside of the human mind.

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‘Up’ is really something. This film is suited for all ages. It’s engaging enough for children to enjoy and meaningful enough for the older to contemplate. How about you? Have you watched it? It will be your must-watch if you want something fun and moving at the same time, especially if you love kids!

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5% off Borders Coupon: Got7 ‘Got it’ CD to Refresh Your Summer

What are you listening to these days? A healing song to give you a peace of mind? Or enjoy pop dance songs to charge up your energy because you are already tired to live through the summer heat? For the former, I will introduce you some truly beautiful songs next time. This time is dedicated to ‘Got it’ pop dance album by Got7 that sure helps you beat intensely hot summer days and max enjoy them instead. The songs inside are fresh and upbeat enough to cool you without any air-con. And the Got7 boys here are so energetic just like the way they are, singing out their heart, which will touch your heart.

‘Got it’ Album

‘Got it’ Album

‘Got it’ Album Overview

Date Of Release: January 20th, 2014

Genre: Pop dance
Language: Korean
1. Hello
2. Girls Girls Girls
3. I Like you
4. Follow Me
5. Like Oh
6. Playground

Got7 showed off their potential voice and rap skills through their mini album ‘Got It’ on January 20th, 2014. The music video to this group’s single ‘Girls Girls Girls’ was released a few days before on 16th.

Got7 (pronounced ‘got seven’, their fan name is AhGaSe) is a bubbly seven-member hip-hop/dance boy band who made their first debut on 16th Janunuary 2014 under JYP Entertainment. For ardent K-pop fans, JYP is a really familiar name. It is on top 3 entertainment companies in S.Korea. Got7 consists of JJ Project’s JB and Jr, Yu Gyeong, Young Jae (those 4 from S.Korea), Mark from America, Jackson from Hong Kong, and Bam Bam from Thailand. They are all in their early 20s. What makes this hip hop group special is the martial arts tricking incorporated into dance performance. And they are super friendly and sincere, when it comes to their manners. Now that we have yielded some insight into this boy group, we can move on to the main part – this album’s music. ‘Got it’ has hit #1 on various charts, Billboard’s Top World Albums to include.

1.‘Hello’ is the album first track. You may think this is a hip hop song with the rap intro. Still, following the rap, some sweet vocals turned the song’s direction. A nice touch is added, and some people agree that this song is mainly composed of catchy raps though, they are fonder of the vocal parts. It’s a nice intro song, overall. For some, it may not be their favorite off this album, but it’s definitely worthy of your listening.

2. ‘Girls Girls Girls’ – Got7 truly rocks this song. The beat is cool, unique. Their vocal and rapping talents are amazing. Many people consider it their favorite on the album. Some say it’s growing on them. Below is Got 7’s dance practice for this song (They are all really good dancers. My eyes stared at JB, my bias, the entire time!)

3. It seems ‘I like you’ is most preferred on the album. Many say this song is great, and definitely a must-listen. Being lyric wise, ‘I like you’ is very sweet, singing about a guy who tries to get his unconfident girlfriend to see that she’s waya better than any pretty actress and skinny model. For him, she’s the prettiest ever in this world. It isn’t a ground-breaking stuff; instead, it’s truly sweet. You will come to like it!

4. Follow Me
I especially like this song. It’s lively, fun, and I just wanted to play outside right after hearing it. The rappers here handle the beat seamlessly while the vocalists make main contribution to the chorus. For those who are fond of a rapping wise song, this is one for you.

5. Like Oh
The drum beat will lead you to the second last song of this album. Along with ‘Playground’, this song is vocal wise compared to other songs. It seems as if Got7 rappers have some rest after ‘Follow me’ and their vocalists take over a little. Not being as playful as the third to last song, ‘Like Oh’ is appealing with upbeat tempo. It falls in the pop category, gets sidetracked from hip-hop and becomes outside of the ballad zone. I must say, without raps that make up most of the song, this song is the turning point on the album, and more blending into the usual song style of JYP. It is kind of different from other album songs, which you will love if you’re not really into the others. ‘Like Oh’ and ‘Playground’ shows how versatile Got7 is when they work to switch between the genres. If you’re more into the vocals, don’t miss this song!

6. Playground
While I like ‘Follow me’ due to its lively mood, I love ‘Playground’ the most mainly because JB’s trademark voice melt my heart, also other members really nail this song. It starts with lyric “Ooh Ooh” that is earnest and appealing like a guy who is about to uncover what is deep in his heart to his girl. Follow-up is the guy’s sincere confession. He’s asking the girl to be his ‘playground’ (also, the thing that helps build his dreams) because he’s now an adult. During his childhood, playground is his own world and makes him live with dreams. Now that he is grown, he hopes she can be his childhood playground, his dream, let him stay by her side, run around and play. He finds out a love better than the one in his fantasies, making his heart rush. He realizes she’s only one he longs for, his wonderland, and wants to develop an eternal love with her. What a cute and sweet confession! We can figure how important childhood playground is to him, and now he desires her to be that playground; rather, hopes her to be his side and enjoy each and every beautiful moment of life with him. Who isn’t willing to accept such a heartfelt confession? If just before, she still doubts about her heart, with the confession, her heart may be now wholly for him!

Get Got7 ‘Got it’ CD now at discounted price

All in all, I recommend this album to those who prefer something lively and upbeat. Those otherwise should make some thought before deciding to grab it. Still, I do hope they try it to add some more tastes to their lives. To snatch it up, you can visit for a CD purchase at a reduced price with 5% off Borders coupon. It originally costs $27.99, which is currently discounted to $26.59. Don’t miss it!

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Book bestsellers at Borders are on the sale now! You can save up to 20% for purchasing any books wiith Borders coupon. There is a series of bestseller book for you to select.

The book names It’s never too late which is writen by Chris and Debbie Atkin. You are NEVER too late! Here is the overview of this tale. What does it take to go from a convicted drug addict without a penny in your pocket to a successful millionaire businessman, whose passion is helping other people turn their lives around? It’s a secret; you should buy this book to discover the secret. There are some explains which the Atkinsons mention in It’s never too late:

  • The reality that no one can “make it” on their own.
  • Why people always come first.
  • The real secret behind the best-selling book, The Secret.
  • How change is always possible, no matter your situation, age, or past.
  • The importance of setting goals.
  • Using Vision Boards to create a new reality.
  • How to create a legacy of hope for you and your family.

It’s never too late is a great book which inspires you a lot. You would learn about  the depths from which Chris climbed to find his soul mate in Debbie, his restored relationships with his son and family, and his financial success. The plan laid out in this book shows that you are Never too Late to live the life you’ve always imagined! 

The cover of the book It’s never too late

The cover of the book It’s never too late

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There is other book which is fantastic and significal about a remarkable woman – Ronda Rousey in “My Fight/ Your Fight) The fight is yours to win. In this tale, Ronda Rousey, the Olympic medalist in judo and Hollywood star, overcomes  her difficult path to Glory. Rousey shares hard-won lessons on how to be the best at what you do, including how to find fulfillment in the sacrifices, how to turn limitations into opportunities, and how to be the best on your worst day.

My fight/ Your fight

My fight/ Your fight

It is an unforgettable book by dint of raw emotion, drama, and wisdom by one of the most remarkable women in the world.Owning it only $16.33 (save up to 41%) with Border Bookstores Printable Coupon.

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Summer time! You and your family will have a great summer holiday with a beach tote full of young patterns. Barners and Nobles gives an amazing discount for all customers, you can buy a great sea beach tote only with $12.95 ( was 24.95) by using Banners and Nobles coupon.

By The Sea Stripe Cotton Canvas Beach Tote

By The Sea Stripe Cotton Canvas Beach Tote

The sea beach toe is made of cotton canvas, having study rope shoulder straps and oval bottom. About size, it is 18” x 14.25” x 7.25” which is  the perfect size to hold all your summer reads and essentials. Besides some commons features, they are different from patterns and colors. The pink beach tote becomes outstanding with an aqua seashell graphic against bright pink stripes. Wheares, the yellow tote has a coral starfish graphic against vibrant aqua stripes, it’s the perfect size to hold all your summer reads and essentials. In contrast, the blue tote has a blue ship’s wheel graphic which is against bright yellow stripes, it’s the perfect size to hold all your summer reads and essentials. And the last tote has a red anchor graphic against bold navy stripes.

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In addition, your guests will love this Shea butter and Aloe Vera formula which are made to gently cleanse and moisturize. Another item on the sea collection is Beach Rules Blue Lined Bound Journal. It provides a little beach wisdom guide you through the pages of this Subway Art Beach Rules Journal. It contains plenty of space for favorite quotes, poems, and your own beach wisdom.

Own your stuff and enjoy nice time with beach collection!
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5 Good Books to Read for Women 2014

As summer trips and vacations approach, we have a few good books to read for women, including the latest new romance novels, so you will have plenty to keep you occupied while you are relaxing in the sunshine!

1.    Fifty Shades of Grey
Almost everyone has heard of Fifty Shades of Grey by now, but did you know that you can get the whole trilogy available in a great box set? That will keep you entertained for many a day this summer!

Image 1: Shades of grey

2.     Burn

You can also pick up Maya Banks’ fantastic Burn trilogy in a box set too! A steady contender on the romance bestseller lists, it will keep you riveted for sure!

Image 2: Burn

3.     Clipped Wings
In addition, there’s Helena Hunting’s much talked about novel, Clipped Wings – a story or romance and intrigue that is bound to keep you gripped from the very first page!

Image 3: Clipped wings

4.        Caressed by Ice
Or for something a little different, how about Caressed by Ice (Psy-Changeling Series #3) by Nalini Singh? It’s the third instalment in her fabulous Psy Changeling Series and has already wowed many readers!

Image 4: Caressed by ice

5.    Head Over Heels
Finally, we also recommend that you check out Head Over Heels by Jill Shalvis. It’s the third novel in her Lucky Harbor series and it really is a great read for a summer’s afternoon!

Image 5: Head over heels

These are just a selection of the many fantastic new romance novels that are available online right now, but why not check out for yourself all of the good books to read for women this spring. And once you’ve found that you like, make sure that you check out some of our exclusive online promo codes, including our coupon for free shipping on all order over $25 with Barnes and Noble coupon codes 2014! There’s plenty out there to read right now so what’s stopping you?

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5 best selling books teens should have

5 best selling books teens should have

Barnes and Noble are one of the leading online books stores and right now, some of their best selling books for teens are available at great prices! And if you use one of our Barnes and Noble Coupons when you shop, you’ll be able to get extra discounts too. Take a look below at some of the top teen sellers that you can choose from!

1. The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games has become an infamous series of books, thanks to the huge success of the blockbuster movies. Relive the story of the nation of Panem and its annual fight to the death Hunger Games challenge for the bargain price of $6.50!

2.  The Twilight series

   Image 2:   The Twilight series

The Twilight series has also seen worldwide fame and the third book in its successful series, Eclipse continues the infamous story of vampire love. The Nook edition of Eclipse is available to buy online for just $8.99 with our Barnes and Noble coupons!

3. Warm Bodies


Image 4: Warm Bodies

If you’re a vampire fan then you’ll also love the novel Warm Bodies, the story of an adolescent zombie, which also became a blockbuster teen movie last year. Both the paperback and Nook can be purchased on the Barnes and Noble site from just $9.35!


4. Tiger Eyes

 Image 5: Tiger eyes

Judy Blume’s teenage books have become classics over the past few decades and continue to be popular among teens today. Tiger Eyes tells the story of a girl who loses her father and then befriends a young guy who helps her to find the strength to carry on with her life. Both the Nook and paperback edition can be bought from just $8.99!

5. Vampire Academy Official Movie Tie

Finally, if you haven’t had enough of books that have inspired recent movie successes then there’s also the Vampire Academy Official Movie edition, which includes the exclusive artwork and official film poster and is great value at only $8.83!

Image 5: Vampire academy official movie tie

These are just some of the best selling books in the teen section, which you can purchase online with our exclusive Barnes and Noble Coupons! There are many more to browse through too so we are confident that you’ll find the right book for you!

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Free Nook book and more Barnes and Noble coupon

Barnes and Noble is one of the most reputable online book stores and right now, you can enjoy great savings on their Nook book and books, with the latest Barnes and Noble coupon range. Browse through a huge selection of paperbacks, hardbacks and the full Nook book downloads, including modern bestsellers, classic novels, non-fiction and books for children and teenagers and use a Barnes and Noble coupon for a great discount.

If you like to read on the move then the latest Nook HD+ tablet is perfect for you! Carry your favorite new releases around with you so that you can read whenever you have a spare five minutes! The Nook book is not just for enjoying books either, as it gives you access to over 700,000 games and apps, plus Internet, movies and TV shows!

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Once you’ve bought your Nook book, you can start taking advantage of other offers on the Barnes and Noble coupon page, including a great buy one Nook book, get one free offer! Choose from a wide variety of novels, including Eye of the Needle by Ken Follett, The Sandcastle Girls by Chris Bohjalian, Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell and Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden.

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And it’s not just books that the Barnes and Noble coupon range covers either! You can get these fantastic savings on other items:

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Get Barnes and Noble coupons to save in January

There’s no doubt about it – most people enjoy a good book. Whether they are up to date with the latest Nook technology or still prefer the comfort of a paperback, books are still a popular choice and this Christmas, Barnes and Noble have some of the best and latest editions on offer. Not only that, but with our range of great Barnes and Noble coupons, you can get savings on everything from bestsellers to bargain books this month!

If you have a big crime fiction fan in your family, then there are plenty of new and popular thrillers, such as Red Mist, by Patricia Cornwell, available that are sure to keep they gripped during the winter evenings! Red Mist is available in both hardback and Nook editions and with our great 85% off bargain books Barnes and Noble coupon, it make the perfect addition to your Christmas gift list!

Image Credit: Banes and Noble


We don’t just cater for adults either – there are plenty of great offers available for children and teens too. For young fans of the popular Hunger Games movies, the latest installment, Catching Fire is available in the teen section in both Paperback and Nook formats:

Image Credit: Banes and Noble


What’s more our great Barnes and Noble coupon will give you 20% off one regular priced teen book too! For a slightly younger audience, we also offer a range of children’s books, all which can benefit from our $25 off shipping coupon!

Do you know someone who likes to be up to date with all the latest modern technology? If so, then chances are they will love the new edition Nook HD+ tablet! Not only does it give you access to millions of books, but over 700,000 games and apps, plus Internet, movies and TV shows! And with its impressive 9in HD display, it’s perfect to carry with you when you’re on the move! Prices start from $149 with our promo coupon, available at


It’s not just books that are available either – we have a range of Barnes and Noble coupons that will give you great savings on home products, DVDs, toys and games, plus free shipping on orders over $25! It’s the ideal place to begin or end your shopping spree this Christmas! And if you know someone who already has the latest Nook technology, there are even more great offers available with our amazing buy one Nook book, get one free coupon, valid during every Saturday and Sunday at Barnes and Noble so get yours today!

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Top 4 romance novels you should read

The romance genre is so vast that it is almost impossible to pick 4 best romance novels out of thousands of romance novels. However, here is the list of myall time favorite 4 romance novels.

  1. 1.                   Wuthering Heights – Emil Bronte

The dark romance Wuthering Heights by Emil Bronte is on the top list of my favorite romance novels. The story, set in early 19th century Yorkshire, is about boundless passion and limitless love of a foundling boy Heathcliff towards a young girl named Catherine. Catherine’s betrayal causes havoc for the couple and the next generation.

Image Credit:

  1. 2.                   Fifty Shades of Grey – E L James

Erotic and engrossing, contemporary romance novel Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James is my next pick. It depicts a bold and passionate affair between a literature student Anastasia and young entrepreneur Christian Grey. Christian Grey with his obsession to control is intimidating. Witty and charming Anastasia has also some dark desires to explore. The novel depicts how their encounter ends up in a daringly passionate love affair.

Image Credit:

  1. 3.       Perfect Hope – Nora Roberts

Perfect Hope by New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts comes next in the list. It is the story of a city girl Hope who has some embarrassing past and a small town boy Ryder who is reserved and unsociable. The story begins with not so friendly and exasperating vibes between them which evolve in to love and understanding, as they know each other better. Gradually, Ryder realizes that Hope with all her drawbacks and vulnerability, is perfect for him!

Image Credit:

  1. 4.       Christmas on 4th street- Susan Mallery

Without Christmas romance, how can a list of romance novels be complete?Romance novel Christmas on 4th street by Susan Mallery is set in a town named Fool’s Gold. Noelle Perkins, owner of the store The Christmas Attic, has recently moved to the town to start fresh after giving up her unsuccessful legal career. While running the store, she meets a charming army doctor Gabriel Boylan and the romance blossoms during the magical Christmas season. This is a happily ever after, sweet love story full of surprises.

Image Credit:

Want to read those novels? Come to Barnes and Noble and find your favorite novel at discount prices! Further, you could save even more with Barnes and Noble Coupons and coupon codes.

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