New Novella from Gone Girl’s author, Gillian Flynn

Even if you haven’t read or watch Gone Girl, chance is you have at least heard of it. The breakthrough novel about a marriage went wrong has brought fame and attention to its author, Gillian Flynn. Now, she is back again with an all-new novella, The Growth up, which took a fresh spin on the classic haunted house trope. The book will hit bookstores’ shelves in November but it is available for pre-order now. If you are in love with Gone Girl and are looking for more great reads from its author, “The Growth up” is a must-have for you. Find valid Borders books coupons to buy the book at a cheaper price.

Gillian Flynn is back with The Growth Up

Gillian Flynn is back with The Growth Up

Gillian Flynn’s typical protagonists are sly, manipulative, spiteful, selfish, and petty individuals, such as Libby Day of Dark Places or Amy Dunne of Gone Girl, but they always manage to makes reader feel for them. Her unnamed narrator in The Growth up is no exception. The narrator has had a tough life, which leads her to become a sex worker and fake psychic who commits petty scams. She is a foxy one, a clever and strong character who has survived many hardships. However, she is about to be put through a test when she meets Susan.

The Growth up by Gillian FlynnThe Growth up by Gillian Flynn

The Growth up by Gillian Flynn

Susan is a wealthy woman looking for a psychic to get rid of the ghosts in her mansion. Our nameless narrator jumps at the chance, thinking it is an opportunity to make easy money. However, after she arrives to the creepy Victorian mansion, she soon finds out that ghosts might be realer than she has previously thought. Save 30% or more pre-ordering this book by using valid Borders books coupons. You can also save money on other Gillian Flynn’s books with Borders books coupons. Visit B&N website to search for all Flynn’s works.

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