Save 9% on ‘Wild Child’ by Nick Moore DVD with Borders Coupon 

The maddened behavior of Emma Roberts – a Malibu princess drives her father up the wall. He resorts to send her to an English boarding school solely for girls. That is the beginning part for all the subsequent interesting things in … Continue reading

Get 3% off Borders coupon on DVD for ‘Up’ by Walt Disney that Will Make You Laugh, Cry and Think

Have you enjoyed ‘Up’ by Walt Disney? How do you feel about it? This amazing cartoon features an engaging and fun adventure and underlying sweet story about loss and love. For some, including me, ‘Up’ left them laughing hard, having … Continue reading

Top 5 Halloween movies

            Halloween is a great opportunity to gather your friends and watch together some creepy horror movies that you wouldn’t dare watching all by yourself, and with Halloween only a couple of weeks away, you … Continue reading