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Love books are always regarded as one of favorite books of young women; therefore, get “Tempt me like this: The Morrisons”, a new adult contemporary romance novel to have interesting and memorable experience with Borders printable coupon.

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Tempt me like this: The Morrisons

Tempt me like this: The Morrisons

With this book, a crazy temptation and love will be discovered. The main character of the novel is Drew Morrison, a well-known rock star who is a strong power to attract any one and get anything he wants. However, he has lost to use his attraction with Ashley Emmit, a student participating in his tour due to her college research project. He ever thought that he would not be tempted by anyone but he seems to be fall in love with her and cannot make his promise with her father to return her after the tour in a pure way.

Despite, following the rules is her lifestyle she gradually breaks her principles when she meets Drew. Her heart is beaten by his music as well as his temptation. She also sees that the rock star has the same feeling as hers. Sadly, they come from two different worlds so it is difficult for them to belong together.

Hotter moments are burned between them on the tour bus and their secret and hidden emotions are revealed during this trip.

90,000 words describe the emotional and sexy intimacy affair are suitable for those who are over 18 years old. Reading this novel, you will see “ the perfect combination of sexy heat and tender heart” (Barbara Freethy, #1 New York Times bestselling author).

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