Great Reads about Farm Life for young readers

Children can learn so many things by visiting a farm. Feeding and playing with animals, growing and picking vegetables are just some of the few delights in farm life. Teach your child about all things farm-related with great kid’s books from well-known authors. Apply current  Borders printable coupon  to receive great deals and discounts on your shopping cart.


Click, Clack, Peep!, by Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewin

Click, Clack, Peep!

Click, Clack, Peep!

The animals in the barnyard are eagerly awaiting the hatch of an egg. It turns out it is a little duckling who won’t stop peep, peep, peeping. Even at night, the duckling keeps the sheep, the cow, the horse awake with its peeping. How can the animals get the duck to settle down? Will they ever get a good night sleep again? This colorful illustrated and cheerful book will makes a perfect bedtime story for your children. Use your Borders printable coupons to get discount on the book.


Lulu the Big Little Chick, by Paulette Bogan

Lulu the Big Little Chick

Lulu the Big Little Chick

Lulu is tired of being too small for most things; one day, she decides to go on an adventure far far away. Other animals try to pursuit her otherwise, but her mind is made up. As she is discovering lives around the barnyard, she realizes she doesn’t really want to get too far away from her mommy. This adorable story about a cute chicken will teach kids that they are never too old to ask mommy for help. The book is available in hardcover and receives discount if you have Borders printable coupons.


Biscuit’s Day at the Farm, by Alyssa Satin Capucilli and Pat Schories

Biscuit's Day at the Farm (My First I Can Read Series)

Biscuit’s Day at the Farm (My First I Can Read Series)

Biscuit the cute little puppy has captured every child’s hearts since his first debut. This book is a new addition for your kid’s collection of Biscuit Book. In this book, Biscuit goes to the farm and meets a piglet, who follows him everywhere no matter how many time people put it back to the pen.

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