Getting lost with “Love and Rumors” at Borders

If you are looking for a book read in your free time, “The summer sisters” series will be your great choice. Please use Borders printable coupon to get more special offers when you purchase contemporary romance books at Borders.

“Love and Rumors: A Beach Reads Movie Star Billionaire Contemporary Romance” is an extremely romantic story. The curiosity is a significant feeling when you read the first page of the book because you always love the flow of the book. Two main characters’ secret and intimacy will take you into another world. You even get lost there.

Love and Rumors of Jean Oram

Love and Rumors of Jean Oram

The story begins with Hailey summer, the eldest Summer star sister who needs much time to deal with problems in her family including seeking solutions to keep her family’s precious historic cottage. At that time, she is getting some troubles with the danger of losing everything due to her passion with photography business as well as her sisters’ dependence on their family’s a century cottage. Will she earn the number of money she needs and manage with secrets of all family members?

Finian Alexander, a movie star seems to close his heart and eyes because his obsession with his family’s destitute in the past and his unfulfilled promises with other people. He needs the support of the paparazzi to turn into his promise into the truth; however, he cannot find any photographer in the Canadian Muskokas. In the meantime, Hailey appears to partner with him.

With a normal start, they have a strange process to deal with their problems as well as discover their emotion. They do not have a good communication with each other but they are tempted with each other.

If that is the first book in the novels of Jean Oram you have read, it is believed that Love and Rumors is a great start to give you more inspiration..

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