Buy 2, get a 3rd free to find out about the world with Borders

If you have your children who are always ask you too many questions about the world, you will get some difficulties in explaining to them. Get picture books at the discounted price to provide your kids knowledge about the world in your own way with Borders books coupons.

Explore the world with Borders

Explore the world with Borders

Exploring the surrounding world is a natural demand of any kids; help them with purchasing picture books about the world. It is sure that your kids will very br excited to read them. Beautiful images on the books will play a big role in building their rich imagination. Let them watch and read the book for the better development of their brain.

There are a great number of the books at Borders so it is time for you to grab one to widen your kids’ eyes with useful information.

“What Makes Day and Night”

This book shows kids why day and night occur in their world. NASA photos, Dorros’ drawings and texts with simple terms can explain the Earth’s rotation. Perhaps, your children will not feel afraid of the dark with this scientific explanation.

“Planets in Our Solar System”

“Planets in Our Solar System”

Do you know about the place where we are living in. Many truths are revealed in this book to make you and your children to surprise. Up to now, humankind is known to only exist in the Earth. Maybe, there are living survivals in other planets that we haven’t known. The simple text and impressive illustration of two authors in this book make a detail and clear introduction about the 9 planets in the solar system.

The above books are regarded as basic books to lead your kids to this real world. Certainly, the books will not let you disappointed.


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